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This is perhaps the least contested point—all the historical heresies affirmed that the Father is God, but err in how they saw the relationship between the Persons of the Godhead, or in the identity of the other Persons.

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The Father is the one who speaks things into being in Genesis 1. He sent the Son in the Incarnation John And the Father sends the Spirit John The Father is clearly an appropriate object of worship John — There is no way in which Jesus does not resemble the Father. Jesus, unlike mere human beings, existed before His birth. Anti-Trinitarians point to this verse to claim that Jesus was only a created being, even if He was exalted.

In many places, characteristics that only God can have are attributed to Jesus.

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Jesus is also viewed as a proper recipient of worship in the New Testament. A righteous person who received praise due only to God would deflect it immediately see how Paul and Barnabas reacted in Acts ff. Every time Jesus is worshipped in Scripture, it is cited with approval. Indeed, He demands equal honour with the Father:. So the Holy Spirit is equated with God.

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Or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there!

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If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there! If only God can give spiritual life, and the Spirit gives spiritual life, then the Spirit must be God. Furthermore, when we understand the Father and the Son to be fully God, that the Spirit is equally divine follows from the Trinitarian verses cited below. As Wayne Grudem explains:. But if God is worthy of worship, and the Spirit is God, then the Spirit is worthy of worship. At creation, the Father spoke the commands that caused things to come into existence. Speaking of Jesus cf. Colossians , Colossians —17 says:. Genesis also teaches that the Spirit of God was present and active in creation, hovering over the face of the waters Genesis The various facets of the doctrine of the Trinity are taught clearly throughout Scripture, and the true believer will accept the doctrine of the Trinity.

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Throughout Church history, practically every other way of understanding the relationship between the Persons of the Godhead has been rejected as heresy. So historically, those who do not believe in the Trinity have been rejected as not Christian.

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  • This is especially important to remember today, as various Trinity-rejecting sects are asking to be recognized as Christians. And this issue of who God is, and particularly who Christ is, is inescapably vital and foundational to the Good News of salvation.

    It could hardly be more serious. We have supplied this link to an article on an external website in good faith. But we cannot assume responsibility for, nor be taken as endorsing in any way, any other content or links on any such site. Even the article we are directing you to could, in principle, change without notice on sites we do not control. Also Available in:. Is Jesus Christ the Creator God?

    The Incarnation: Why did God become Man?

    Hypostatic Union: Did Jesus know when he was coming back? Does the Old Testament reveal the Trinity? Related Media. Return to text. See Grigg, R. Creation 27 3 —39, See Sarfati, J. One might say that Paul meant that all things were created through Christ, except Christ Himself. Grudem, W. Systematic Theology Grand Rapids: Zondervan, , p. Isaiah ; 2 Corinthians , remembering that theos God is usually used for the Father. Of course, this is in the case of willful rejection of the doctrine, not a case of being in error because of ignorance.

    Helpful Resources. From Creation to Salvation. Soft cover. Christianity for Skeptics. Genesis Account. Hard cover. God Reality The. Please Nana Who is God? Jill S. AU November 15th, I never realised how much evidence there is for the truth of the Trinity. The "It" concept for the Holy Spirit could largely be due to the "the" before His name. Can you help us eliminate it? I think this would be helpful. Lita Cosner November 16th, Actually, I don't think it's the 'the' as much as that we tend to think of Spirit is ethereal and immaterial.

    The Father and the Son also have the definite article, but this problem doesn't normally occur when we think about them. Katalin P.

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    AU October 26th, Great article again. I have an illustration on the Triune God, and I believe it is easy to understand. And Lita, you explained to us very well the Trinity. By the way, Lita, you have great anointing to write those great articles,it is a gift of God to us all. Well done, just keep on in writing,Regards, Mrs.

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    • John M. CA October 24th, He is a Unity not a Union, a Trinity not a Trio. We can only understand what a human being is in which only one person can reside. The three Persons of the Godhead may have different roles but not different values. I try not to imagine more than the Scripture says and worship Him. Bless you all! Mario N. PH October 22nd, My understanding of the Trinitarian relationship became much clearer when I use a more scientific analogy. Current findings in quantum physics states that it is possible to "split" the atom without actually "dividing" it.

      Each "split" portion is able to assume a different polarity i. And what is interesting is that by means of "light" the split portions can be reunited again. If such split can be done to an atom without becoming divided, it is not impossible at all for the Omnipotent Creator Trinitarian God to have three "split personalities" yet as one unified whole God. How wonderful that God's creation of quantum physics speaks of Him to the scientific world today. No reason for us to say we cannot know Him. David S. AU October 22nd, As I was scaning down the comments regarding this article, I was thinking of the mathematical way of looking at the Trinity, only to see Jean P.

      I find the mathematical way good in that you do have three different ones equalling 1. Alex W. Lita has neatly fulfilled CMI's role in upholding, illustrating and defending Trinitarian doctrine, but not trying to define it. Theologians can only go part of the way in doing this because "God is spirit and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth.

      The truth is available to us in a correct reading of scripture John but the spirit aspect is open to us only through our spirits in spirit-spirit communion with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I highly recommend meditation on, firm belief in, and relevant resulting action upon the glorious promises and prayers of Jesus in John as the best way to come to know the three persons for ourselves. Thereafter there will be no confusion whatsoever over the apparent paradox of three persons and one being. The even more wondrous aspect of the Trinity is that they invite us to share in their fellowship and union.

      Arnfried D. Dear Lita, I am very happy to see you writing on a controversial issue and to see the good use of biblical language to argue in favour for the truth.

      For following reasons, I do not like to be catagorised as a 'secterian' for not agreeing to the term 'Trinity' as it is not a biblical one and secondly it is too much connected with the traditional catholic understanding of the Godhead. Millions died as Martyrs as they exercised their belief according to their conscience contrary to general accepted traditional beliefs in the Middle Ages. Catagorising eventually leads to one form or another of persecution! Nevertheless I do belief in three Persons of the Godhead and I prefer to avoid denominational confusion by use of the term 'Tri-une God'.

      I fullheartedly agree to believing in the true nature of God as close as possible. I found alrady many years ago that the 'non-person Holy Ghost teaching' is also undermining the nature of Jesus himself 'beeing God from beginning' in order to support the wrong teaching.