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And her half-sister, Elizabeth I , also executed scores of people for their faith.

Protestants being burnt at the stake during the Reign of Queen Mary I. Her sister, Elizabeth I, was a little more savvy: in her reign those convicted of practicing Catholicism by training as priests or sheltering them were convicted as traitors and punished accordingly, by being hanged and quartered. The idea behind the different crimes was that, while people could dispute religious belief, no one could ever possibly agree that treason was permissible.

Although the work covered the early Christian martyrs, the medieval Inquisition, and the suppressed Lollard heresy, it was the persecutions under Mary I that got, and still receive, the most attention.

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This was partly due to the custom-made, highly detailed woodcuts depicting the gruesome torture and burning of Protestant martyrs, surrounded by flames. In the first, edition, 30 out of the 57 illustrations depict executions under Mary's reign. Whether his sources were accurate or not and many believe they were not always entirely accurate , it is hard to not feel emotion at this typical account of some of the early Marian martyrs, the bishops Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley:.

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Ridleyes feete. To whom M.

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Ridley, and play the man: we shall this day lyght such a candle by Gods grace in England, as I trust shall neuer be put out. As the fire took hold, Latimer was suffocated and died quickly, but poor Ridley was not so fortunate. Printed as an enormous folio, the second edition was ordered to be installed in every cathedral church and church officials were told to place copies in their houses for the use of servants and visitors.

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George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham

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Thomas Jones of Denbigh

Mary Berkeley 1 F, , d. Robert Berkeley 1 M, , b. Robert Berkeley was born on 9 October Hereinafter cited as The New Extinct Peerage. Mabel Violet Graham 1 F, , b.

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Mabel Violet Graham was born on 15 February James Henry Duncombe 4 b. Hubert Ernest Valentine Duncombe 4 b. Citations [ S21 ] L. Hereinafter cited as "email: Kirwan Family.

JONES, THOMAS (1756 - 1820), Calvinistic Methodist minister and author

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