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One school alone has an attendance of fifty. I was accompanied by Mrs. Campbell during the last part of this visit. We visited Nangaha's headquarters, and found him working hard for the heathen living in the interior. Knowing of our intended visit, he had sent word to these villages and all the people gathered in for the occasion.. As we spoke to this large gathering of heathen people concerning the gospel, they listened very attentively. Somehow it was not hard to visualise them a short time hence as a clean, Christian people.

Many were much afraid as they saw medicine injected into the veins of the arm, as this was the first time they had witnessed such a procedure. Over two hundred injections were given on this trip. On our return to the coast from this inland centre, we had rather an exciting time. Torrential rain had fallen during the time of our visit to Nangaha's mission, and the river became flooded. Our only means of reaching the coast was by canoe down the flooded river. We were carried down the river at a high speed, and it was not long before the canoe in which Mrs.

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Campbell was a passenger, ran up onto a log and almost capsised its contents into the swirling stream. Without such an experience it would have been exciting enough, as we speeded at dangerous angles around hairpin bends. The Lord has performed a remarkable work on Choiseul in a very short time. We would take this opportunity of asking the readers of the RECORD to pray for the splendid body of young people that are here, that they may be trained to be efficient workers for the Lord. Notes from Viti Levu West District, Fiji AT the beginning of this year we called all our native evangelists in to headquarters at Nadarivatu, and spent a few days in Bible study and prayer, besides studying different phases of the work.

On account of the many calls from new fields and hard times in Australia, I had to tell them that the mission could no longer pay their Government taxes, and that we must plan to meet it from their wages. They agreed for me to take seven shillings a month from their wages for six months so as to pay the amount by the end of June, the date at which all taxes must be paid up. Then we discussed our church school work, and how to build the various schools needed without having any appropriation allotted for that work.

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We found we needed an extra teacher to carry on a school at Waikubukubu, where nearly thirty children are waiting. I told them that the fifty pounds usually granted to provide for extra workers in Fiji, had been cut out this year, and we could hope for nothing from Suva Vou. We decided that we must carry on the school, and that we would have to pay the teacher ourselves, so they all voted to give one shilling each a month towards his salary, leaving it with me to make up the balance.

What about that, dear friends in the homeland They had already had a sevenshilling-per-month drop in their wages, and then they voluntarily voted to drop another shilling each month for the year to help provide a school teacher for the needy children of the town mentioned. Some receive only thirty-five shillings a month, so they are dropping nearly onefourth in having eight shillings taken from their wages ; but how happy and smiling they were as they held up their hands to make the vote We were glad to welcome Pastor Timoci Nawara, one of our oldest native ordained ministers, to fellowship with us in the work of this large district.

As I have been suffering with rheumatism and not 5 able to ride long distances, we asked him to visit one of our companies where some were ready for baptism, to perform this ordinance and hold the quarterly services. On his return he informed me that the Lord had used him in the meetings, and that nine had gone forward in baptism, one of whom was a native Government official who asked to be baptised with his wife.

The wife of this man is a fine woman, a trained nurse, who has been ready for over a year now, but waiting and hoping that her husband would join her. How it rejoices our hearts to find some who are willing to stand out from the world and its allurements, and to join up with the "peculiar" people who are looking for a better country 1 Another interesting item that comes to my mind is in reference to the welcome given to our new Governor on his arrival in Fiji. Chiefly men from among the native people were appointed to take part in this welcome, and present in native fashion the "yagona ceremony.

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In Fiji it has been adopted by the Government as an official drink when opening Government meetings, and on such occasions as the above there is much ceremony and native pomp connected with it. Yagona drinking has become a curse to the natives, and we teach our people to leave it alone. Ratu Joni from Nadrau, being the highest chief in this district, was appointed to attend and take part in the ceremonies. When the day came for the yagona ceremony, he was told that after the Governor and a few others had taken part in drinking from the bowl, it would be handed to him, and he would be expected to drink.

He replied," Be good spirited and love me in this matter, as I never drink yagona. It leads to sickness, and it is against the teachings of my church. Please appoint some one in my place. He then told me he had saved his tithe out of the money the Government had allowed him for expenses. I thought of the text that says, "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

Important Dates camp-meetings Tasmania February West Australia M arch South Australia March North Queensland May College opens February General Conference Session May 29 to June Union Conference Session September 2. The first meeting on January 9 saw 80 tents occupied by people, representing every church in the conference.

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Fears had been expressed that having the camp miles to the south would mean a smaller attendance, but, in reality, it only meant a difference of 39, there being in attendance at Christchurch the year before. The Union delegation consisted of Pastors A. Stewart, W.

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Turner F. Rampton, Mitieli Nakasamilfrom Fiji, and their interest in the work by the fact that 69 were enrolled in the Standard of Attainment course, while 69 per cent were successful in securing certificates for the Bible Study Course last year. Miss R. Hook, the secretary of the Sabbath School Department, in presenting her report, expressed gratitude to God for His leading and blessing. The membership during the year had increased by 46, making a total of scholars. Four schools reached the membership goal of every church member in the Sabbath school.

The membership is distributed among fourteen schools and the conference home division. For perfect records in attendance and daily study, quarterly honour cards were issued. In recognition for a perfect record for four consecutive quarters bookmarks were issued for the year. The offerings for foreign missions amounted to The two Sabbath schools at the camp were well attended and the offerings amounted to 42, a few pounds more than given at Christchurch the previous year.

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The year's activity produced a financial gain of The aim set us by the Union Conference of 4, worth of orders, was exceeded by a small margin. The year's work of each colporteur averaged 1,A hours, and the average sales per hour 9s. God's care over His people was much manifested as we enjoyed fine weather while all around us storms and rain were being experienced. All of the workers returned to their respective fields of labour at the conclusion of the camp with the exception of Brother R. Greive who was asked to take over the interest at Oamaru.

Brother Greive will have to assist him Brother H. Perry, who has been in training at the A. College, and Miss E. Stewart as Bible workers. Shall we not remember Pastor H. Piper and his corps of workers as they face the trials and perplexities of another year As the time came to part all felt God had indeed been present and that the blessings received would make the year to come the best yet in His service.

The public of Oamaru took very, kindly to the camp-meeting and a good interest was shown at all the meetings. The report of the conference secretary revealed that the Lord had greatly blessed the work of the conference last year, both by increase in membership and financially. Baptisms were recorded to the number of 51, and the admission into church fellowship of 6 by profession of faith and previous baptism brought the conference numerical strength up to The conference employs 15 regular workers and 7 self-supporting colporteurs.

Tithe receipts for the period under review totalled 6,, being an increase of 2, over the previous year. Offerings from all sources amounted to 13, and it was shown that this sum represents a per capita offering of 25 16s. Missions through the year had been conducted at Invercargill district, Dun.. Shirley gave some interesting facts. The substantial increase of 11, units of work done over the previous year by the adult members was very gratifying. The young people, numbering , proved a will and the business of the conference was put through in a very thorough and careful manner.

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  6. Field day proved again the wonderful possibilities of house-to-house work, the only difficulty being a shortage of literature, as most of the stocks ordered for the camp had gone down with the Manuka. During the conference session, Brethren D. Sibley and A. Mitchell were ordained to the gospel ministry. Our prayers go with these men and their families as they continue in the work of God.

    The appeal by Pastor Stewart on behalf of foreign missions brought in cash and pledges, the children contributing 7 los.

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    The presence and influence of Mitieli was much appreciated both by our own folk and also the outside public, and a request was made that Mitieli should address them again and also that the picThis was tures should be repeated.