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2. Buy Several Fish At Once

Smaug you said: "I kept a 20 gal with 6 tigers,5 serpaes,5 red eyes and5 black skirt for over 5 years Given the size of the tanks in both cases were 20 gallons isn't this rather a lot of fish to keep especially with the somewhat aggresive Tiger Barbs? I've just bought an 20 gallon, and I have 4 Tiger Barbs I plan to get a couple more once I've finished cycling the tank BUT, everyone is telling me that Tiger Barbs will be too big for a tank that size!

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I should take them back to the store and get Zebra Danios or something I'm starting to think I made a total mistake with both the tank and the Barbs! So what's the deal? Neither of you guys had issues with Tigers in a 20g tank what I mean is, the tank wasn't too small for them?

Cherry Barbs!

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So if you like to keep little fish like neons, then get little barbs like Cherries! I don't know about other barbs, but to me it seems like a no-brainer: neons with cherry barbs. A lot of stocking a fish tank is dependent on the experience of the fish keeper. Both Jaysee and Smaug have a good bit of experience keeping fish, hence they know how to manage their stock and keep up with needed tank maintenance.

I could be wrong, but I think when Smaug was talking about the angel he meant he'd moved those fish to a larger tank and they were then living with the angel. It's the minimum size I'd recommend for tiger barbs. If this is your first fish tank, you'd be best off to not push the stocking limits and keep the tank pretty low bioload so you don't run into trouble.

Once you get a bit more experience you can start managing the tank differently and still be successful.

I used to have around 40 barbs in my gal tank i sold before i moved, as long as you have a large enough group in your tank they will leave the other fish alone, my angel fish just pushed my snail down lol what a bully As i was saying As long as you keep a sufficient School of barbs together they will have a greay personality spar with each other and flare their fins its pretty badass, and they leave the other fish alone.

The key here is to keep a big enough school in comparison to the other fish in the tank. I probably have 'too many' fish in my in all likelihood, something like 50 or 60 fish.

rosy barbs with neon tetras?? Help | Rosy Barb

I would suggest starting small and stocking low, and gradually building up to a higher level as you gain more experience in fishkeeping. Welcome to the forum! I didn't say that:scratchheadyellow: I did have issues keeping tiger barbs in a They killed each other in a 10, as well as a In the 29, they occasionally turn on a fish and kill it.

Tropica Aquarium Plants

I've also had problems keeping tiger barbs with other fish. A crayfish has always worked, and with it's fairly recent death, I've been able to keep a school of serpae tetras with the barbs.

To weigh in and basically re-state what others have said. Apr 5, Hello Waacck and Welcome to Fish Lore. Personally I wouldn't add any more fish until your tank is cycled. If I were to have any type of barbs I would make it a species only tank. I hear and read so much about them being major fin nippers. Let's see what other responses you receive. Best of luck with your cycle!

Hi waacck and Welcome to Fishlore! I've seen rosy barbs doing quite well with tetras as long as they're in their own school of 7 or more. So yeah, mixing them should be alright. And our FL members don't really recommend keeping an undergravel filter as it can create loads of trouble and headache.

Spawning Tank for Egg Scatterers

So I'd advise getting a normal filter such as an internal filter or liquid filter. Best of luck and hope to see some pics soon. Nearly all egg scatterers will eat their own eggs if given the chance. With egg-layers, the challenge is in the breeding itself and then the rearing of the young. Most of the egg scatterers that have been tank and farm bred for many generations will breed readily in aquarium conditions if the correct water quality and temperature is provided.

Water changes often stimulate breeding. To start breeding, it is important to give the fish the best food possible. Live brine shrimp are ideal, but frozen brine shrimp and freeze dried foods such as tubifex worms are good too. Give this in addition to a good quality flake food. Set up a breeding aquarium, usually a gallon tank, that is about half full of aged water, and has an air stone with gentle aeration, or a sponge filter in it.

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Add a small amount of gravel on the bottom, or even pebbles or marbles for egg scatterers, so the eggs will drop out of the reach of the parents. For fish that lay eggs on the plants, place the roots of many plants in the substrate around the periphery of the aquarium, leaving the center open for the fish to swim in. Fine-leaved plants are preferable for attaching the eggs onto. Most of these fish spawn in the morning, so providing low light conditions will also aid spawning. Use several pairs of mature fish and place them into the breeding aquarium, and usually within a few days they will start to spawn.